The Story About The Formation Of Musikreativ Studios And The Yah’shua Project !

The story behind the studio goes back about 20 years now…At that time my life fell completely apart.  I started a business with my father in 1979 with very little money and worked my butt off for over 20 years at the price of my health, my family and my very own happiness.  I was chasing worldly dreams and what I thought was right.  My marriage had fallen apart and I had to leave my home and children which devastated me to low depths I had never known.  I found myself stuck alone with myself…very scary for me.  At the same time my physical condition plummeted to include blown disks leading to certain disabilities and two heart attacks.  After about a year of misery, grief, self-help programs, men’s retreats etc., etc., etc. the Only One that could help me Knocked on my door for I knew not the way to His Door.  Not having been influenced by church in my life, nor having any real understanding or belief in God… A Greater Hand came direct From Above to scoop me up…and the rest is history, an amazing journey.  

As a young one I played violin for 8-10 years which I did not like but resulted in learning music by ear.  In my teens my focus was in rebellion not anything of value or within my natural talents.  College was a drug infested escapism blowout and the business I was in being in manufacturing had nothing to do with music, the arts or helping others which was truly buried deep within me…dormant and latent!  Everything seemed to alienate me from my very own quest for where I had gone, my purpose and my very own identity.  I had the great frustration of not understanding why I was not happy on the outside or within myself.  Emotional happiness had eluded me since childhood.  My marriage was in tatters and there was little or nothing I could do to fix it. Thankfully I had and have My Lord God as “ The Centerpiece” of my table” which is the only thing that has kept me going as well as being a good father for my children.  Despite my misery I could not forsake He That Came to my rescue and became my True and Faithful Friend.

Please know that I reside in the True Church which is of the Body of Christ not associated with a church building or man’s ministry.  God granted me direct access rather than the long arduous and vast path of misinterpretation of His Gospel, His Truth, His Principles, His Order And Of His Kingdom.  In short, He has granted little old me the real relationship, counsel, caring, nurturing, protection and love that I could not find in decades of blind searching.  In four years He helped undo the many obstacles within myself that were barriers, that were like walls between Him and I.  I cannot find enough gratitude or praise within myself for what He Has Done in me…He Alone was able to do what I nor anyone else could do with the heart of shattered, broken glass fragments I found myself with.

After giving the business over to The Lord and consecrating it according to His Instructions He Said to me…” You will no longer have to look for business I Will Bring it ! “

God changed the structure of the company…Within a relatively short span my time associated with the business went from 95% business:5% writings and music to 5% business:95% writing, writing and ministering for Him alone and music…truly an amazing thing that I have witnessed happen in my life.

The studio began as a desire to collect instruments through E-bay in the summer of 2002.  By December of 2002 I ran out of space in my apartment and could not play freely with neighbors all around.  

So, I moved everything into my office at work and now have 4 rooms full of instruments, equipment, computers and space to grow and teach very gifted people where their gift comes from, how our mind’s tainted by the world filter the gift and attach personal motives to it.  It is a joy to see others explode with creativity and tap into The Well That Is Deep that knows no bottom !  This results in On The Fly, Spontaneous organic music production without forethought, reflecting the true things from our hearts that all can relate to…our desires, our searching, our pain, our many many fears and so forth.  This honest expression guided by a heart released unto our Maker allows for a depth of music that penetrates the hearts of those that hear the gifts we give freely.  

I charge nothing and give away all that I do according to God’s spoken Will to me.  The gift was received freely therefore I give it freely.  The amazing thing is that The Lord is using the music to individually break through and reach others like He Did for me…for me there is no greater reward than that others can come to know Him as I personally do…AMEN !  The nice thing to witness is how others can accelerate in a shorter time through the many years and inches I had to crawl through to learn what I freely share.

I have been blessed with over 700 personal recordings along with numerous projects with very special people The Lord has sent to me.

Sincerely…Cornell d’Angelo

With HIM and HIS Love in my heart toward you !  May His Light Shine Forth In You and Me…As One Bright Torch!

All work done in The Lord’s studio is supported & provided for by The Lord Entirely…thus we ask no one for anything.

Cornell’s Periodic Updates

March 1, 2010…

Well it has been several years since I first wrote this letter to share the history of the formation of this studio.

Being a one man army is not the easiest thing to be, balancing the various facets of the thing The Lord has given me and guided me to do.  My time is spent with Holy Spirit Led writing, ministering, fellowship, encouraging others, often financially helping less fortunate friends to provide them the means to bridge from a flesh led life to one guided personally for them by the Lord !  During all of this I continue to be discipled of the The Lord…growing in wisdom along with the walking out there of.  I engage in healing sessions with people where The Lord Himself Works deeply in the heart and in the lives of people.  I went through many of my own deliverances one by one until The Lord one day said “ I now forgive you all of the rest of your sin’s” !  This also required a commitment to Change My Ways !  Often struggling deeply to not conform to the ways of the world…this divorce from the world’s ways that are not His Ways is a daily, moment by moment focus ! Lasting change requires continuous self-awareness in order to make sure that His Will is being done in my life…basically living for the reward of doing His Good and Pleasing Will !  I live for pleasing the Lord Who Is becoming My Lord over ALL things !  All Is ALL and the flesh wages war against being forced to give up the false control it exercised in my life.  The chains of satan’s false dominion over so many aspects of my former life did not break easily.  To be free in Yah’shua, In Christ is to be Free Indeed !  I have been granted much, earning the favor of The Lord…those who are given much, of them much is required.  

The Lord showed me that things would change in the time to come.  At that time I could no longer write, make music or much of anything other than seek the Lord diligently.  In late 2008 my heart acted up again requiring that another stent be placed in a critical artery.  It was a difficult and painful procedure that The Lord showed me later that I barely came through.  Thereafter I was released on 9 medications that reaped havoc with body.  I had to change many more things in my life in order to take better care of myself.  It took a lot of patience, trust in God, hope and endurance to make it through over a year of recovery.  During that time I spent a lot of time reading Scripture and seeking The Lord.  Many countless things I have learned and applied them in my life.  I know that I am close to going to a whole new level in my giftings bestowed.  The Lord brought a dear sister in Christ to help me through the most difficult of physical, mental and spiritual challenges hitting me all the time!

At the end of 2009 my passion for music returned leading me to move forward from where I left of with a more refined approach, spending time to great measures of preparation for the work of His Spirit here before entering the world stage.

A major shift is back to the roots of The Tree The Lord Planted Here…after much pruning the branches will bear Only leaves for the healing of the nations.  This means there is absolutely no room for secular music here in the studio any more.  Entering into the secular arena has taught me much about all that is so wrong in world music today.  The superficiality of music is merely temporary ear candy that quickly loses its flavor.  That which is devoid of The Spirit of The Lord can bring no light, no hope, deliverance or salvation that only Yah’shua, Jesus can bring.  So all that will be done in the future here at the studio must be focused on Yah’shua as The Centerpiece of The Table.  This is the way I live my life, so music must follow suit now…I have learned what I need to learn from the secular side of the music industry.

Another problem can be trying to serve two entities…the world church and it’s ways vs. Serving The Lord Our God According To HIS Will!  Trying to serve both is impossible and warned against !  This Stage That Is Opening Up Is The Lord’s, There is no room for actors or actresses…There is no room for those unwilling to die to the flesh or follow Christ on the True, ultra-Narrow Path Where He Is The Only Light To Follow!   

In order that His Will Be Done in the earth there can be no self, no flesh can remain to poison The Good Work of The Spirit of The Lord.  You cannot place a piece of rotten fruit into the same basket that holds an abundance of The Good Fruit from The Vineyard of The Lord without diminishing the work of True Vessels of The Lord.  

We are in the time of no return, that path is Set And Set Apart For The Few… “The New Beginning rapidly approacheth” Sayeth The Lord !  We seek be workers in The Vineyard of The Lord only, set apart unto His Sovereign Will.  For His Body to become One each member must humble themselves into Complete servitude as His Vessel.  The Divide is coming, The Time of Exodus is near…The Millennium Age is at Hand !  Those that are stuck in the old unwilling to change CANNOT ENTER THE NEW!  Full Obedience To The Lord Is Mandatory, NOT An Option! 

The time of indecision is over.  We are either hot or cold, The Lord will spit out the lukewarm.  There is no path but The Narrow Path and The Gate is Narrower Yet.  We have the possibility of a beautiful garden here but it has been overgrown, in dire need of serious weeding!  Rest assured that The Lord is served here and anything that in the past might bring confusion About This will be quickly dealt with and Eliminated.

I am currently updating and changing the studio…integrating improvements in rooms, sound and recording/mastering technologies.  Computer recording based systems have been improved and expanded to include an increase in sound dynamic tools.  The rooms are being changed to accommodate more diverse studio needs that are soon forthcoming.

In the last year I launched many new music and message based websites including many, many Holy Spirit Led songs along with many writings in order to reach more people.  This effort has born much fruit worldwide.  We are to reach out to the many in order to reach the few…I have met more people Truly Set Apart through the things I share.  The Lord Does No Small Thing.  The work has reached many new people even though I cannot see who the work has touched in many cases.  May His Spirit, His Light guide them into All Truth!

There have been no sales from the websites but The Lord has been served by freely sharing what has been given us freely.  I will be re-evaluating the current commercial structure of the music sites to bring it completely into conformance with The Will of The Lord !  We will commercialize but only to reach more people quicker and all of that work will point the way back to The Collective of free libraries or music, art and writings we have to share!

Along with changes in the studio I have entered in to production of live performance including live recordings and video development this year.  The Lord said “Go Video” so I am researching the equipment necessary to meet His requirements.  There is much to learn and to do to properly support The Lord’s Will in this regard.  I will spare no expense nor effort to fulfill this work.  “Living Live” Productions begins here and now.  

Visions can only be realized by doing His Specific Will every day, every single day and He will guide us into a full measure of meeting His Desire.  I love The Lord with all of my heart.  His Love is what is needed direly in this world that no longer can find its way alone.  We have been granted a special rooftop from which to shout, from which to sing The New Song that speaks directly to the hearts of God’s Children.  It is time to go…Let’s Go !

There is much work to be done…Time to get busy !

June 9, 2017…

In 2011 I became very very sick.  The Lord Said that I must stop smoking or DIE!  I knew then it was time to deal with it.  It was excruciating for many months and up to about a year.  Since I chose to live, satan really came after me in a major way.  Lung problems, multiple autoimmune disorders, heavy heavy spiritual attacks…you name it.  I was unable to go into the studio at all.  Listening to music literally made me sick.  So I s[pent about 4 years at home ill.  In that time my lower back disc got worse and worse…to the point of having surgery which involved a lengthy, very painful recovery period.  Thankfully I had a best friend in Christ there to help me through it and walking again!  I also am super thankful for my dear sister In Christ that stuck with me through all of those most difficult 4 years where I really was not sure I would make it.  It got to the point where I never imagined writing or doing music again…but The Lord was encouraging me throughout that time!  Finally in the summer of 2016 The Lord told me…CHOP, CHOP…Get Going!  It was not easy but I went back into the Studio and took over from where I left off.  This included upgrading and getting two more recording systems up on line.  One of the two systems is my mastering space.  I quickly started mastering In The Spirit which has yielded a crop of amazing Living Fruit From The Vine Of The Lord!  Constructed A Vocal Booth, thoroughly got things in order and ready to roll!  The improvement and quality of sound was enhanced to New Levels!  

Then I needed to establish around 20 Soundcloud Pages for the music, song and many facets of this ministry.  I also set up Artist, Music Label And Ministry pages corresponding to the Soundcloud pages in Facebook!  Populating them with hundreds of recordings was quite a job but the result is an amazing library and catalog of musical and literary works!  The Lord also had me record around 40 out of my over 500 writings from The Library of Heaven with and without music!

Next, I began transferring over a 100 mixed songs into final mixing and Mastering.  Copyrighting and the various Artist registrations is finally completed.  All artwork for songs and album covers is also generated by me so that took quite some time.  We are now releasing a fair amount of material for distribution.  The intention of using the commercial avenue is to simply proliferate our work into the world quicker.  Only parts of our Artist Libraries are released in order to bring people back to The Musikreativ Studios Collective to hear all material for free including music, songs, read writings, view art…enjoy fellowship and have access to so much more than a music studio alone would offer.

The Lord told me to Move Forward…Thus The Release 2017 is In-Process and we are very excited about it…It is the release of 17 years of work.  Our songs will be heard around the world on the radio and live work is already starting with one artist in L.A. now!

There is so much to look forward to…so…ONWARD !!!