Spiritual Genetics…Connections That Matter !

Has anyone considered that in the same way we have physical DNA, we also have Spiritual DNA…and, that spiritual DNA can be one of two ?

One is the Good Spiritual DNA That Adam and Eve had from God The Father in their Creation In The Beginning or That DNA that changed in the fall…

Genesis 2:15-17 The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it. 16 And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, “You may surely eat of every tree of the garden, 17 but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.”

After partaking of the forbidden fruit they did not die physically, they died Spiritually…Thus I have concluded that our Spiritual DNA was altered at that time(Fallen Nature) ! Adam was granted dominion over everything around him which was also lost in the fall.  I would argue that they had glorified bodies at that time as they were In Proper Alignment With The Perfect Order Set Forth In The Beginning By Father God at that time and Christ Who Was There Before The Beginning !  So, I would argue that a major change, a major opportunity opened up for us Through Christ’s Crucial Re-claiming of The Dominion Mandate Through The Line of Judah, that came forth out of The Covenant That God Made with Abraham.  As the second Adam He shows us that The Father Made A Way Through Him and Him Alone to return to The Father…To be adopted back in from the Spiritual Orphans we became !  The being adopted back in opens the door to our being unplugged from death, the world and being plugged back into Life and The Kingdom of God…FULL CIRCLE including the return to glorified spiritual bodies and all the spiritual characteristics that come with that RESTORED DNA !

Part of the process is that we need to be Re-Wired. This Re-Wiring and Restoration can only come through Deliverance !  We cannot be simply plugged back in without being Re-Wired and Re-Aligned ! You cannot plug death or darkness into The Light, nor into Life Eternal !  …There are No SHORTCUTS !

Light and dark are to be and remain separated as It Was Spoken by God In Genesis !

We must be unplugged from the darkness in order to be plugged into His Light, Glory, Power And Authority and all other things that come with being Plugged In Spiritually To God…Being Truly ONE !

Connections lost equals being Unplugged From God !

Even the Fallen Angels’ Spiritual DNA Changed when they were convinced and decided to follow Lucifer and were cast out of heaven into the earth from their high places in Heaven !  They gave up most if not all that they originally were when they Served God Alone!  Lucifer became satan and has been doing the same thing in the earth that he was doing in heaven before his fall, only now it was with humanity!

Adam and Eve’s Original DNA changed dramatically after Eating The Rotten Fruit Of The Tree Of The Knowledge of  Good And Evil !  As Father God Warned Adam And Eve They Died…Spiritually!  They became dead inside Spiritually and yet alive in the natural!

Even their Physical DNA changed because now they felt pain, suffered from illness and affliction which they did not know previously.  So how did this happen ?  Man’s Physical DNA was altered as well !  Many have not thought about this !  It is very deep and enlightening to look at things from the perspective of Spiritual DNA.

Proper Alignment must be restored according to The Perfect Order Set Forth In The Beginning !  We must be Delivered Out of The World, Re-Wired and Plugged Back In !

We are Made in “His Image” which is also a link to His DNA !  A Spiritual Bloodline to The Father In Heaven, Our Creator !  …The Crimson Cord, The Tread That Connects !

…This is very much in the same way we have parts of our

Mother and Father in our physical DNA !

There must be a physical to Spiritual Link as well !

Marks Are Spiritual !  satan’s DNA equals his mark, his I.D. tag !  satan’s mark must be removed, undone in order to receive the mark of God as it is Written.  Furthermore, His angels hold back parts of His Wrath until God’s Own, The Chosen Are Marked !

Satan’s “children” have his spiritual Fallen DNA, they have the spiritual characteristics of satan, not those of God…This is The Fallen Nature !  Some of satan’s children also gather in Synagogues of satan !

Consider Jesus calling the Pharisees Whitewashed sepulchers and children of their father the devil !

Matthew 23:27 King James Version Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.

A sepulcher is small room or monument, cut in rock or built of stone, in which a dead person is laid or buried.

It is hard for us to “BE” because we became something else !  We became lost and separated…we lost our true identity!  This is why we must be Born Again From Above, Re-Born Spiritually in order to return to Who The Father Made In The Beginning…Again, FULL CIRCLE !

The Only Way To “BE” Is To Be Re-United With Our Father In Heaven, To Have Chains of Bondage Broken, Deliverance And A Transfusion of The Spiritual Blood Of Christ, The Blood Of The Lamb !

We, our flesh and fallen nature, must die with Christ and Rise Through Him by The Same Holy Spirit That Raised Him From Death Unto Life, Eternal Life ! …To Become The New Creation In Christ includes the change to the Good Spiritual DNA of God !  That is why Scriptures Say we must pick up our crosses and follow Christ The Full Distance unto death to the death within us and to be raised, resurrected In Christ Unto True Life, Life That Is Eternal…Full CIRCLE, Re-Stored Back To The Original Adamic Condition, The Original Design of God !

When Fully Activated, God’s Spiritual DNA Yields A Full Measure In All Things Including The Promises of God, Our Inheritance In Christ, The Kingdom And Life Eternal !

Without Activation we are open to illness, affliction, mental and physical attacks, etc. from the enemy !  Many do not know that there is a steady stream of dark spiritual music coming forth out of the kingdom of darkness that directly effects our health both physically and spiritually.  Our medical and psychiatric world professions seek to fix things they really so not understand the source of because they are blind Spiritually and disconnected from The True Source Of All Knowledge !  This is why man cannot fix man…PERIOD!  Man did not design man so he cannot fix something he did not birth or design !

As a child buried in the ground my Spiritual DNA was Activated temporarily and I suddenly appeared again above the ground !  There are several other amazing stories I could tell relating to this from my own life and experiences.

…When Activated one can multi-task in The Spirit up many different things at one time…This gifting, Spiritual characteristic or ability is a small part of that which will be Fully Released in This Time, In His Appointed Time !

…These things Are Written !  And, So They Shall BE !  With Restoration and the Activation of The Original Spiritual DNA we can Indeed do all things Through Christ ! In fact we will do things even Greater than those done of Christ while in the earth as It Is Writtten !

John 14:12-14 Amplified Bible I assure you and most solemnly say to you, anyone who believes in Me [as Savior] will also do the things that I do; and he will do even greater things than these [in extent and outreach], because I am going to the Father. 13 And I will do whatever you ask in My name [as My representative], this I will do, so that the Father may be glorified and celebrated in the Son. 14 If you ask Me anything in My name [as My representative], I will do it.

Spiritual Transformation…The 144,000 are The Fruits of This !  The Forerunners are such as these, Kingdom Dwellers Before The Kingdom Arrives…Plugged In and Activated !

We are given what we need until we come into The Fullness !  You cannot move forward until you go back, go back to undue all that was done and then, Only Then can you move Forward !



This is not something WE can do !  What we can do is…BOW, YIELD, OBEY And Then SERVE The Holy God of Abraham, Issac And Jacob, THE HOLY GOD OF ISRAEL !

The Remnant of The 12 Tribes is “ Spiritual “ Israel ! It is essential to Consider The Spiritual “ Bloodline “…

“I have known you from Before The Beginning !” “Of Thee I will make a Great Nation !”  These are deep things that require a Spiritual Understanding…That requires Ears To Hear And Eyes To See !

The Bloodline of The Lion of The Tribe of Judah was not lost but preserved and is A Spiritual Bloodline !

Through This, HIS LINE, FALSE DOMINION IS CRUSHED ! These Are Truly MATTERS OF DOMINION That Should NOT Be Taken Lightly !

Good “SEED” bears Good Fruit ! Good Fruit is of The Tree of Life, Rotten fruit is of The Tree of The Knowledge of Good And Evil !

…One Tree is Death, One Is LIFE !

The Same God offers our being rooted into His Tree, while the same devil lures and tempts man to HIS tree relentlessly, continuously !

Satan assigns his guardian dark angels and demons to his children while God gives Angels Charge Over His Own According to Psalm 91 !  satan rules from a false throne disguised as light.  Sadly, this throne is spiritually located in the hearts of man.

These are serious Matters Of Dominion, They are of Spiritual Life vs death !  In order to truly have Christ in one’s heart the eviction of satan and darkness must come first !

Being connected to the umbilical cord of satan is to be fed dark poison on an ongoing basis, unseen and unknown. I know this sounds strange but give it some thought !

There are two unseen spiritual umbilical cords- one is evil and one is good !  In a deliverance session with The Lord He showed me the cord before Our Great Physician performed surgery to remove it and undid the effects of the poison, the Spiritual TOXINS !  I was unplugged from death and plugged into Life, His Life ! He Gave me a Spiritual Transfusion Of HIS LIFE GIVING BLOOD ! He plugged me back into my Bloodline !

Another time in deliverance The Lord showed me a tree of death growing out of my chest that He chopped off and then dealt with all of the roots, the finest of filaments of those roots, the stongholds, the infiltrations that were sucking the life out of me ! Again, unseen and unknown !

THIS Is what it means to be cleansed with The Blood of The Lamb to be white as snow, To overcome by The Blood of The Lamb and the word of our testimony !

There are two kinds of blood,  One unto Life and one unto death !  A Transfusion with The Spiritual Blood of Christ destroys the poisonous intrusion of darkness that we suffer from.  When Jesus spoke of the drinking or partaking of His Blood they became quite alarmed and did not understand !

…Deeper than Deep Are The Words of Our Lord…Amen !

It is interesting to note that the illnesses and afflictions we suffer from have spiritual causes.  Think about it…Adam and Eve were never sick in The Garden, there were no hospitals, doctors or nurses needed…This all came after the fall !  Despite all of man’s efforts death runs rampant in mankind ! …not to mention and including coldly and clinically justifying the killing of millions of unborn babies, creations and children of God Made Fearfully And Wonderfully In His Image !

In the case of SRA(Satanic Ritual Abuse) victims like myself the drinking of blood ceremoniously was not unusual…It affects you in both spiritual and physical ways…Dead inside and yet alive you are left…and I would add…EVEN WORSE OFF !  There are depths of darkness beyond comprehension and beyond words…these are the things I survived in the greatest of all measures only Through The Lord Who Was There !

I Thank God For His Deep And Powerful Deliverance of my heart, soul and spirit…this man who was nailed to a false cross for so many years !

The Lord Says…“ I Am The Spiritual Manna, The Bread of Life which is Spiritual Food that feeds The Spirit Man !

…This Is My Body !

I Am The Drink of Life That Transforms,

Which is the Spiritual Drink That Feeds Life Eternal !

…This Is My Blood ! “

The Spiritual Bloodline of “Kings And Priests” Are of The Timeless Spiritual Bloodline of Christ, Of The Order of Melchizedek !

Judah And The Levitical Combined…One ! …Following One High Priest, Jesus Christ, Yah’shua…Amen !  It is The Time of The Gathering And The Assembling, The Time Of The Call And The March !

Please Listen to this song:

“Of Thee, The Gathered of The Remnant of The Whole House of Israel, The Re-Unified Houses of Judah And Israel I will make a Great Nation That Is MY Spiritual Israel ! “ Sayeth The Lord !

The Promise of God has endured and soon shall be fulfilled, it is in process, it is in The Works of The Spirit of God !

…Becoming One, Truly ONE !

…Restoration, Regeneration, Healing (Complete), Re-Alignment According To The Father’s Perfect Order As Set Forth In The Beginning !  Re-Wiring, Plugging IN To The Spirit of God, His Power, Strength, Authority, His Righteousness, Glory And Holiness…All In A Full Measure!

…Bloodline Restored, Promises Fulfilled And Our Inheritance Received !  Marked By God…His And Only His Forevermore…Amen !

Born Again=A New Spiritual Life !  =A New Creation In Christ !  =God’s Fingerprint !  =His Spiritual DNA !

The Pure Sons of God Are Extensions of God Himself, In this world, not of this world…

Amen !

Written By Cd’A…Cornell d’Angelo in 2015