The State of the Music Industry

This is The Time and The Place to make a difference, to re-claim the airwaves…

I grew up experiencing the late 60’s when we used to buy vinyl albums and collect them.  My stereo system included a Reel To Reel where I record music from vinyl to enhance the sound…so I grew up looking to optimize my listening quality experience to audio file levels.  My car included an amazing 8 Track player and two 3 Way speakers in the back seat.  Then it went to cassette tape.  From there to CD’s and ultimately to the Digital format we see today.  Based on this experience and desire to optimize stereo sound I have integrated that into how I produce, mix and master.  This has yielded 3 Dimensional Processing where The 4th Dimension has infused itself into the final masters!  The Result…New Levels In Audio, Levels That Are Truly Spiritual That Are Literally Heaven Penetrating Into The Earth!

Record companies structured deals that highly favored their bank accounts while artists remained poor for the most part!  Even today you hear of major bands that despite great success are in debt to the tune of millions to the major record label that will not let them out of their contracts.  Sadly today they reign and continue to exercise their influence because they have basically bought and paid for major radio station airtime! Much of that has changed through independent labels, individual artist production, self publishing, new direct distribution channels and digital media.

The iTunes store made it possible to sell music and still make money for the artist independently or as an independent label.  And it is nice to just buy the songs you like.  It used to be that the album or CD was a journey where you wanted to buy the whole experience…and I still believe that to be the case for the older crowd that remembers paying good money for albums and CD’s.  So I believe it is still possible for people to break out and become very successful this way.

The next thing became Digital Streaming which can be seen as a crime and also a blessing…I believe it is both depending on what your expectations are of sharing your music.  Suddenly companies sprang up that allow the listener to listen to music for a monthly fee and then pay the artist a tiny fraction of a penny per play…They make great money on the backs of artists. For those that want to build a following to do live shows this is great because live shows are now one of the few ways artists can make decent money.  The average income for an artist has been whittled down to about 13.00/hr and they cannot even live on that so they have work real jobs to support their music ambitions.

Major labels have bought a strong influence in streaming services like Spotify. They enjoy 52-58% profit from iTunes, other sales stores and streaming services.  The distributors, stores and streamers need the major labels in order to provide the bulk of what is considered popular music.  Sadly, much of that music is filled with every vice known to man-Bad language, sex and horrible messages…It is pollution, noise pollution with no light in it or value.  The masses support the people that produce it with their money, loyalty and too often idolatry!  Our mission is to bring light back into the industry by establishing very high standards that are not sold out to popularity, power, control or money…to treat music with respect and with a sense of great responsibility for what the listeners ears hear when they tune in.

On the other hand…“ The field has been completely leveled. It’s all about the artist’s ability to connect to their audience. I agree that they are being essentially raped by the streaming services, but if ones music and message resonates people will absolutely pay to see that person perform live. If you can separate yourself from the fantasy of becoming mega rich and famous you can absolutely spread your music and message now without kissing the corporate rings of label executives. ” –Desmond Haney

We as a music label are looking at this in an entirely different way by serving the Lord… in other words we do not look to commercialization to make money as artists for the Lord but realize that if we stay true and obedient to what the Lord and His Spirit give us has vessels to create and share then He will support that effort without selling songs with that intention!

Now I look at these venues as an opportunity to reach many more people quicker than ever before with what we want to share!  Musikreativ Studios is taking advantage of all options available today including streaming of our work in order to reach millions that you could never reach before, especially so quickly.  Then they can come to this website to receive so much more, even more than just music and songs for free!

The immediacy of being able to record a song or music, master it and upload it to Soundcloud and Spotify to have it heard right away or within 48 hours by millions of people worldwide is simply amazing!

Beyond this, we believe that we can take back the airwaves and set a new standard that will replace the pollution people call music these days!  The purposes, the pride, the lack of morals, character or value in today’s marketplace is less than deplorable!  The music industry has managed to contribute to the social decay we see that is rapidly getting worse day by day…Hey, but as long as people can profit from it they just do not care…Then they even claim some high ground because they are rich from it saying we are great examples for the young and others…bold faced lies!

Musikreativ Studios is in the center of a Renaissance of The Sacred Gifting of Music!  We will be heard and we will re-claim all that has been pilfered and ruined in this world…This Is The Appointed Time And Place!

Our plan includes establishing 11 more MusiKreativ Studio/Sanctuary locations strategically in 11 different countries.  The inter-connection will be seamless, expanding The MusiKreativ Collective rapidly!

Look Out World…We Are Emerging Right Here, Right Now!!