The Label

The Musikreativ Studios Label is setting The New Standard for the music industry….All Things Are Possible In And Through The Collective!
The Musikreativ Studios is also a Record Label.  The Studio records, mixes, final mixes and masters Music, Songs and Spoken word for The Collective Library Of Our Artists.  This material is made available at no charge through Soundcloud Individual Artist Pages, The Musikreativ Studio Label Page along with several Ministry Pages. We manage Facebook artist music pages, websites and social media as well to reach a broader audience.  Social media includes Twitter, YouTube and numerous other venues.   This website is filled with links into an Ever-expansive, growing number places for the visitor to venture out to!  This is much more than just a space…It Is A Journey that knows no beginning nor end…Entering Into The Timeless Eternal Spirit of God!   The Musikreativ Studios Label does not take interest in the music or songs…The Artists own their own work.  There are agreements that we make with our Artists on an individual basis that include some financial arrangements that are equitable and fair.  Quite often we take care of and pay for the costs of copyrighting, registrations and publishing company fees on behalf of our Artists that cannot afford to do these things that are required to commercialize music.   At some point a number of The Artists will be brought onboard and paid a nice salary through The Lord’s Payroll so they can focus entirely on fully developing their gifts, Being Led Solely By The Lord Full Time…This is difficult for most on their own because of the need to work for money, then find the time to do the music or force them to use the music for income rather than receiving it freely to release it freely!   Our Artists are part of something more than just themselves…We Are The Musikreativ Studios Collective!   We master select recordings for release through commercial distribution channels as well.  We utilize TuneCore for distribution and collection of publishing royalties.  Our Artists are members of ASCAP as writers and as publishers.   Registrations include those with SoundExchange, BDI Soundscan and others to assure that the Artist collects on all royalties and revenue due to them.   Our songs and music will be played in Radio Venues that include internet radio stations as well as public and commercial public radio worldwide. Our own Satellite Station will be launched in the near future that is completely dedicated to our Music And Ministry Work!  The Lord Said To Me That I Should “THINK BIG”…So I Do!  My Vision And Plans For The Yah’shua Project are far reaching and will be one of the largest movements Ever Seen…Count On It!   Our interest in commercialization is not to make money to fund our studio…No, it is in order to reach the world with “The New Song” and invite everyone to this “Well That Is Deep” !  People can access everything we have that goes way beyond the small percentage of material we commercialize…This includes individual libraries of music and songs that comprise a Vast Collective Library, A Deep Well overflowing with refreshing Living Water for those who thirst!

The Musikreativ Studios are a part, a facet of The Yah’shua Project that began as a vision and a deep desire place in my heart by The Holy God of Israel. Yah’shua is the Hebrew name of Jesus Christ. 

Musikreativ Studios is a space set apart unto God. The environment provides a freedom devoid from drivers like money and personal fame; they are non-existent.  A common desire to truly serve God’s Will is realized in the gifted composers, musicians, songwriters, writers and artists that have gathered here. I did not seek them, they were led here to this place for such a time as this. The result is Living music...a shared journey. This is indeed a renaissance that we are now releasing that will grow like a wave washing over and engulfing the listener who has ears to hear. 

We are located currently in Beloit, Wisconsin with numerous other locations in the world planned that will be inter-connected...Thus bringing significant increases our Musikreativ Studios Collective in the future!

Thank you so much for visiting our site! Please let others know about us because we do not advertise except through our releases that point people back to our studio!

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Please know that MusiKreativ Studios is not a commercial studio that solicits recording, mixing or mastering business.  We are a completely captive, self-funded entity that is bringing forth only the finest recordings, music and songs for your listening enjoyment without the driver of financial reward! Our riches are stowed away in Heaven…We are supported by Our Lord And God!

All correspondence should be addressed to:
Cornell d’Angelo, Director
MusiKreativ Studios
P.O. Box 854
Beloit, Wisconsin 53512-0854

Or, you may also contact us here.

The Mission of Musikreativ Studios is to serve as the vessel for, the sound and the voice of The Yah’shua Project.  We will provide music recordings, songs, spoken word and visual web media along with videos to convey our message, to bring Light And Truth into a troubled world.  We will continue to expand and enhance our capabilities technologically.  Our plan is to establish numerous other studios throughout the world that are inter-connected...They will be structured based on our optimized model here.

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