The MusiKreativ Studios Collective

Psalm 96:1
"Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth!"

The Musikreativ Studios Collective is a Spiritual Audio Movement flowing forth as A Wave Across The World!  Enter Into The Ever-Expansive…The Ancient Timeless Set Apart Space!

The Stage Has Been Set…Enter into The Flow of The New Song Coming From The 4 Corners of The Earth That Is Resonating Throughout All Of Creation! Heaven Is Penetrating deep into the earth!

We are in the center of a Renaissance of The Sacred Musical Gifting that comes from Above, From And Is Guided By God! The Musikreativ Studios Collective is a gathering of Select Renaissance Artists & Players emerging at this Appointed Time!

The Musikreativ Studio is part of a Set Apart Sanctuary that is an important part of The Yah’shua Project that offers so much more…Vast Amounts! We offer our visitors deeply inspired music, songs, music, revelation art, literary works and fellowship that can change there lives!

Unplug from the world and plug into this New Sound brought to you by The Musikreativ Studios Collective.  It is for the many, it is for the few !

May We Join Together As One In The Spirit And The Light of Christ, Of Yah’shua!

The Mission

MusiKreativ Studios is a space set apart unto God. When you walk in, you know something is different. Everyone has relayed how the space is charged spiritually and set apart!

The Sound

MusiKreativ Studios is very progressive both technologically and Spiritually in every aspect of our production.

The Label

The Musikreativ Studios Label is setting The New Standard for the music industry….All Things Are Possible In And Through The Collective!