To Infuse, To Permeate The Airwaves with The Purest of Music and Songs, With Truth And With Light!

The Lord has guided me in the setting up of a New Musical Stage solely dedicated to Him and Him Alone. The gift of discernment granted me by The Holy Spirit allows me to see clearly His Vision of The Sacred, Holy Ways of praise “Hallal” as was seen in the days of King David.  My heart is filled with praise and music that flows forth from my innermost being as David is my forefather.  I am of The Tribe Of Judah!

The stage is set in the form of a Set Apart, creative recording studio for the production & delivering of music guided by The Holy Spirit Only.  The studio is also part of a Sanctuary Completely Set Apart!  There can be no worldly interference as This, His Will is set apart from the world.  This is a New Stage Set Apart where those that enter now come from In The Wings!  They are born for and have been prepared for this Major Movement of God In The Earth…First In The Spiritual, then it happens in the natural!  Believing in the unseen is a faith that Yah’shua, Christ Commended!

The Musikreativ Studios And The Yah’shua Project are One!  The Studio Flows Forth Like A River Of Living Water Out Of The Yah’shua Project! Yah’shua means “Father God’s Salvation” !  It Is The Hebrew Name Of Jesus Christ!

We share The Gifts & Song Which Are Fruit From The Branches of The Vine That Is Christ!               

-Musik as a gift from God.

-Musik as it was intented to be…in reverence.

-Musik without worldly attachments & influence.

-Musik is the most powerful Living Gift bestowed unto man by The Spirit of Our Lord.

It Is Of The Fruit Of The Tree Of Life.  Our Lord Is The Tree Of Eternal Life !  All Praises Be His Alone And Forever…

Amen, Amen, And Amen !

The Yah’shua Project

The Lord Our God Has Decreed and Instructed me to assist Him as a vessel unto Him, unto His Good & True Desires Alone…To Bring Forth All Deposits From The Library of Heaven which include music, art and literary works.

The Lord Has Said…“My People Perish For A Lack Of Knowledge” “And My Godly Perspective”…He Added, Along With “My People without Godly Wisdom lead My People to perish”

The Lord wishes that His people know Him in a very personal, special relationship as was modeled by His Son Yah’shua, Christ Jesus…He Who Was, Is And Is TO COME!

We are to be vessels of the High Priest in Preparation for His Coming And Surely He Comes.  As it is written so it shall be done!

The Lord has charge over The Fulfillment of The Full Volume Of The Word According to the Perfect Will of The Father…May His Will Be Done!

This project is His and His Alone for He Is Lord Alone Over It.  He is Lord over All Things in His Creation.  He is my Lord and The Light On This, My Path!

It is now the time when He will pour out His Spirit over the hearts of His people.  Music, song and praise onto the Lord is the highest form of praise, worship & reverence.  This will be done in many ways and communicated across the earth as I have been shown.

Yah’shua assures us that His Will WILL Be Done on earth as it is in Heaven.  He IS The Same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow and They Are One…I am One with Them as Jesus prayed for in The Garden of Gethsemane and fulfilled very personally in my life!

We together are the Us.  This Unity He Desires for His People, The SPIRITUAL Remnant of Holy Israel. We Are To Be Beacons of His Light in this time as the world grows darker and darker!  He Grants us His Lampstand that we may shine forth His Light, Truth And Love through music, song, visual works, spoken word, literary works and art.

May we bless Him that He May Bless us From His Holy And Pure Heart.  In Heaven All Sing Praises unto The Lord !  Holy, Holy, Holy is The Lamb Of God !  In Heaven there is No Darkness, Only Light!  May That Light continue to shine upon us and through our work…

The Lord Will Guide.  The Lord Will Provide.

This Site Is A Fast From The World!

Thank you for taking part in this by visiting our site and partaking of The Fruit From The Vine And The Leaves of The Tree Of Life that are for the healing of the nations!

Now, More Than Ever In The History of Man we need God and we as His Creation need to Un-Plug from the world, be Re-Wired And Re-Connect in order to Come Full Circle HOME!