About Us

Please know that we are NOT a commercial studio soliciting any form of business or offering any services to musicians, artists or to the public.  Musikreativ Studios is a Captive Music Sanctuary of The Lord!  People can only come into The Collective at the invitation of The Director!

The Musikreativ Studios are a part, a facet of The Yah’shua Project that began as a vision and a deep desire place in my heart by The Holy God of Israel. Yah’shua is the Hebrew name of Jesus Christ. 

Musikreativ Studios is a space set apart unto God. The environment provides a freedom devoid of drivers like money and personal fame; they are non-existent.  A common desire to truly serve God’s Will is realized in the gifted composers, musicians, songwriters, writers and artists that have gathered here. I did not seek them, they were led here to this place for such a time as this. The result is Living Music…a shared journey. This is indeed a Renaissance Of The Music Gifting that we are now releasing that will grow like a wave washing over and engulfing the listener who has ears to hear. 

We are located currently in Beloit, Wisconsin with numerous other locations in the world planned that will be inter-connected…Thus bringing significant, exponential increases to our Musikreativ Studios Collective in the future!

Thank you so much for visiting our site!  Please let others know about us because we do not advertise except through our releases that point people back to our studio!