The Sacred Gift

The musik you will hear in this website comes forth from a Kingdom of God Inspired Music Movement that The Spirit of The Lord placed in my heart which is a vision brought into existence by faith and my love of The Lord that is called The Yah’shua Project!

The sole purpose of The Yah’shua Project is to serve The Lord !  The Holy And Sacred Spirit is fully in charge here and placed above all things as it is In Heaven !

Music is a Sacred Gift given us from God !  Music is a Spiritual Gift that is to be respected ! Music is for the sole purposes of Spiritual Reverence, Praise, Worship, Glorification, Edification, Dance, Celebration Revelation, Battle and is to be guided only by The Holy Spirit Of God!

It Is The Greatest Gift Bestowed Upon Us Of God’s Love !  It is there for us to draw closer to God !

Yet in this day we find that The Gift has been traded in for worldly gain, for self glorification and to satisfy greed and lust !

It is not to gather euphorically in the flesh.  It is not for personal glorification.  It is not for personal gain.  It is not a tool for the flesh to act out in any way it desires.

Worldly kingdoms filled with businesses and musicians that love the darkness more than the Light caring not that they contaminate the air we breath, polluting the ear gates with airwaves filled with filth and the most despicable of Noise that serves no good or useful purpose whatsoever !  And yet those who make the Noise are glorified and placed on pedestals!

The Sacred Gift has been sold into the slavery of lies and foolishness that is an Abomination In God’s Most Holy Sight !  It is not to be sold as flesh in the meat markets of the world…Amen !


Time and space are not measurable in The Spirit ! Man’s thoughts are but obstacles to the deeper chords of the heart and the eternal depth of The Spirit And Intentions Of God !

Musik made and produced of The Spirit speaks to the heart.  Musik that flows from the heart knows no boundaries.  Musik from the soul is like David’s Harp striking chords that reach the deep places!

Musik that comes forth in this way is as Living Musik That Breathes, that can speak without words, take you places By The Spirit, In The Spirit  and is The New Song that the Scriptures speak of !


Musik is a journey of the heart !  Musik is the door opened to an eternally deeper connection with Our Lord And God !  True Light comes by being separated from the world, taking the time to be still, to be set apart and by being a servant unto God !

There is no formula, no worldly approach that can bring forth The True and Sacred Musical Gifting the way The Spirit of The Lord Can ! Through generations as man has departed from God so too has the musik, that which is cooked up in the kitchens of the world is a journey into darkness, not a journey into Light That Is In, Of And By The Holy Spirit !

The flesh falsely masked as The Spirit of God is NOT of The True Comforter and…is not unto Life !


There is a renaissance of the sacred music gifting coming into the earth as a Light of Hope in these times that are quickly growing dark by and according to The Will of The Lord Our God !

This His Renaissance will be filled  With His Spirit and The Light of The Lampstand ! Vessels set apart are the torches lit and those that are One In The Spirit with Him receive precious gifts of musik and song that flow forth From Above through hearts yielded, divorced from the world and United With And In Christ !


Renaissance players are called and chosen of Father God!  They have been awakened for this time and walk The Narrow Path !  They were born for such a time as this and know it !

They have been delivered from the bondage of the world in order to fulfill a purpose greater than themselves in God’s Will And Plan!  They are followers of The Lord in the ways written who

have laid down their lives completely for Him According To His Will !  They are few now but will soon become many who shall Assemble and Gather Together In The Light of The Lampstand, Yah’shua Hamashiach, Christ Jesus !

This plan was conceived in The Heart Of God Before The Beginning and Will Come To Pass Now In The Appointed Time !


The songs by Cd’A you will hear throughout This Well That Is Deep all came to me by The Spirit! They are not thought about or first written down for The Spirit Knows The Words…I just get up to the microphone and start singing !

The musik without vocals is also made By The Spirit in the same way that my life is governed, lead and guided By The Lord !  I thank The Lord for teaching me these things and that I am able to teach those He Brings To Me!